Pamela's Palace - Pam with Scissors
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Pamela’s Palace is where all your beauty dreams come true! 

Strutting their way through fearless dance routines and satirical songs, Pamela’s Palace deliver cheeky, tear-jerking humour in beautifully crafted layers, just like your favourite haircut. 

Pamela and her girls bring you all the drama of a Mike Leigh and the sparkle and humour of Strictly Ballroom in a whirlwind of female insecurities, shameless gossip and some over-bleached highlights. It’s just like a girls night out, but in.

It is a raucous comedy, the laughs are huge and it is one of my favourite shows at this year’s festival.
The Scottish Sun, Edinburgh Fringe 2019
These three don’t only manage to create their own strikingly individual, flamboyant characters, but also create a magnificent ensemble by gossiping about love, breaking into Fosse dance routines, and preparing for the great salon competition.
Theatre Weekly, Edinburgh Fringe 2019
Daring and hysterical
Ed Fest Mag, Edinburgh Fringe 2019
Highly recommended
Big Hair, big personality and lots of laughter
Fringe Review
These women are polished performers working brilliantly together as an ensemble
Melbourne Observer
The message which shines through is a positive one-that women should stick together and that no-one’s self-image should be about pleasing others’ ‘An outstanding comic creation
The Scotsman
Clever choreography, funky costumes, and a frantic fight scene thrown in for good measure, this show will really appeal to audiences both young and old.
Sam About Town
Hilarious and deeply moving - can’t remember when I’ve laughed so much
Audience review