About the show

Are the seats reserved?

They're reserved in the sense that if you've bought a ticket you'll get in, but you don't have a reserved seat number: we draw up the seating plan. We keep parties together.

When do doors open?

We ask that you arrive half an hour before the show as our Front of House doors will not be open before this time. Front of House will check your e-ticket confirmations and guide you to the pre-show reception area, where you can also order drinks for the show.

Am I allowed to film or photograph?

Photography & Filming is strictly not allowed. If you attempt to film without permission, your camera/phone will be looked after by management until the conclusion of the performance, and you may be asked to leave if you refuse. If you’re a journalist, please discuss photography and films with our PR people. 

This is a two-hour show. Is there an interval for bathroom breaks, say, or to go to the bar?

It's a two-hour show but it's site-specific in a restaurant environment (whether that's in a theatre, arts centre, hotel or not), so you can get up at any time you like. However, a third of the show is scripted, so it's best to get up only at the end of individual courses. For drinks service, it's best to order enough before the show to be delivered to your table throughout the show. However, there are opportunities to order drinks during the show, eg after the main course. All drinks are table service only.

Should we wear old clothes? (or 'will the food end up on us?')

No part of the show features anyone intentionally spilling anything on anyone else. There have been spillages over the years, but more often by the venue waiting staff than the actors. All the actors respect people's personal belongings.

I've already seen the show once. Will it be the same if I make a return visit?

One third of the performance is scripted, but the other two thirds is improvised around the audience, so it's always a fresh experience. Many of our audience members have enjoyed the show multiple times or in multiple locations (and we'd love to hear from you if you think you hold the record for most visits!).

You tour the world: what language do you perform in?

We perform in English only. However, the performers are used to hearing people translate quietly to non-English speaking members of their party throughout the performance.

Can Groups Sit Together?

Can groups sit together?

Yes. It's important to note for large groups that table size is limited by venue to 10-12 people per table. To make a seating request, please fill in our 'special diets and requests' form or send us an email, and the information will be added to your booking: customerservice@imagination-workshop.com

Children's Tickets

Is it suitable for children?

Yes, Faulty Towers The Dining Experience is for the whole family. All ages have attended and enjoy the show. 

Concession Tickets

Am I eligible for a concession price ticket?

You are eligible for a concession price ticket (when advertised) if you can provide a valid over-60s or veterans card, or a valid student card (for Off-peak & Sunday shows only). Concessions are offered per ticket, not per booking. Please present your concession card at the venue on arrival for the performance to avoid paying difference between a concession and a full price ticket. Concession tickets can be purchased online or by telephone.

Refunds & Transfers

Do you give refunds or can I change the date of my ticket?

For our box office shows: 

- No refunds (unless the event is rescheduled or cancelled). 

- Transfers are free of charge up to 48 hours before the performance.

- If given less than 48 hours’ notice, there will be a transfer fee of £31.50 per ticket (this is the cost that - Faulty Towers The Dining Experience will be charged, by the venue, for late cancellation of the 3-course meal included in the ticket price, plus a small administration charge).

-Groups of 20+ are only eligible for transfers up to 1 month before the show, to allow time for the tickets to be resold

For all other shows:

Please contact the venue for their specific refund policy.

Ticket fees

What is the service fee per ticket?

Service fees are the fee collected to pay for ticketing software, and credit card processing. These are displayed at the point of purchase and are a set fee in the UK, and a percentage fee in Australia.


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