One of my favourite times I've had at the theatre.
Praise Dionysus - Melbourne 2024
Confetti & Chaos Piggy Back
The worst wedding reception you’ll ever go to… and everyone is invited!

It was meant to be a surprise party to celebrate Will and Stacey’s wedding, but it’s turned into pandemonium – with secrets spilling out as uninvited and misbehaving family members bust in, bust up and bust a move. Audiences become guests caught in the crossfire in this totally immersive and highly improvised comedy.

This fabulous 5-star experience has fun and mayhem bursting from the seams of a wedding dress, with entirely original comedy that pulls out all the stops – including quick-fire character changes and quick-fire laughs.


From arrival through to seating, eating, and dancing, audiences will become part of a classic wedding reception gone wildly wrong. Crammed with comedy and chaos, this confetti-filled show features four performers playing nine characters in a whirlwind of laughter, love and tears, and a 3-course meal.


No other wedding invites such charming calamity and tenderness. "If you ever get an invite, don't turn it down!" Bournemouth Echo,


Pumped to bursting with energy, filled with hilarity and a riot of epic proportions, it is impossible not to fall madly in love with this immersive event.
BroadwayWorld, Edinburgh Fringe
Excruciating speeches, wild cannon relatives, secrets tumbling out of the closet, drunken dancing, and just when you think it couldn’t get any crazier, it does.
The Reviews Hub, Edinburgh Fringe
It is not often I find myself crying with laughter, but this evening there were several times when I just couldn’t hold it all in
London Theatre 1
The show is designed to make you feel part of the proceedings and it works. Scripts are held close to the actors’ hearts, but the improvisations are fast becoming legendary.
Mumble Theatre, Edinburgh Fringe