Rebecca's early work involved outdoor pursuits, adventure training, and competition shooting (in which ranked 60th in the world) – not a natural start for a stage career! But she’d always loved comedy and found a particular flair for comedic performance while at The Academy of Creative Training. This dramatic change in direction was well-judged: she excelled at drama school, graduating with distinction in 2012 and top of her year. Among her first performances was a radio adaptation of ‘Caught In The Net’, before finding her feet in live comedy as a cast member of satirical comedy sketch show ‘The Treason Show’, and appeared at Edinburgh Fringe and in Australia in 'The Big Bite-Size Breakfast Show'. For ITI, Rebecca co-wrote 'The Wedding Reception' (now ‘Confetti & Chaos’) with David Tremaine and she’s been playing Sybil Faulty since 2014.