Leigh trained at LAMDA. His theatre work is extensive, and includes Ken Campbell's ‘The Warp’ (the world's longest play at 24 hours) and ‘Pidgin Macbeth’ (The National) [fans of Fawlty Towers might remember Ken Campbell playing Roger, who insists on calling Basil ‘Bas’ in ‘The Anniversary’], as well as Daisy Campbell’s ‘Cosmic Trigger’ (The Cockpit). Leigh’s other stage work includes ‘The Southwark Mysteries’ (Shakespeare’s Globe), ‘Othello’ (Nottingham Playhouse), ‘Julius Caesar’ (Barbican), and children’s theatre such as ‘The Dream Space’ (Shakespeare's Globe). TV and film work includes ‘A Confession’ with Martin Freeman (ITV), Banged Up Abroad (Discovery Channel), two Bollywood films, and even an episode of ‘The Bill’. Leigh has been playing Manuel in ‘Faulty Towers The Dining Experience’ since 2013, winning critical and audience acclaim around the UK and Europe, at Edinburgh Fringe, and in London’s West End, New York and Canada.