The show

Confetti & Chaos*

A brand new show devised and produced by Interactive Theatre International® the people behind the globetrotting mega-hit that is Faulty Towers The Dining Experience.

*formerly known as The Wedding Reception

The low-down…

Formerly known as 'The Wedding Reception', this fabulous 5-star experience has fun and mayhem bursting from the seams of a wedding dress! It's a completely immersive and entirely original comedy that pulls out all the stops – including quick-fire character changes and quick-fire laughs.

It was meant to be a surprise party but it’s turned into pandemonium – secrets spill out as family members bust in, bust up and bust a move.

This brilliant confetti-fueled extravaganza is a crazy update of the show formerly known as The Wedding Reception… and it might just be the worst wedding reception you’ll ever go to!

- 'The whole idea is a winner, because we’ve all been there: the excruciating speeches, the wild cannon relatives, secrets tumbling out of the closet, lips getting looser as the alcohol flows freely, drunken dancing and worse, much, much worse. Just when you think it couldn’t get any crazier, it does. Did I mention that while all the madness unfolds we, the wedding guests, are all enjoying a three course meal?' ★★★★★ The Reviews Hub, Edinburgh Fringe

Confetti & Chaos is a classic take on an English wedding reception gone wildly wrong. Audiences become guests caught in the crossfire as four actors perform in nine wildly different roles. Totally immersive and highly improvised, this hit comedy dining show is written and produced by Interactive Theatre International, the people behind the global smash hit, Faulty Towers The Dining Experience. Since opening in 2015, it has appeared at Brighton and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals and on tour in Australia, the UK, Ireland and Singapore.

PG15 (occasional adult references)

- 'Confetti and Chaos is a fantastically funny immersive dining experience, giving you front row seats as all your greatest wedding anxieties play out over a 3-course dinner. Not much goes right and its all the better for it!' ★★★★★ Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

- ‘If you ever get an invite, don't turn it down!’ ★★★★★ Bournemouth Echo, Lighthouse Poole

- ‘Perfect comedy timing’ ★★★★★ British Theatre Guide

- ‘No shortage of laughs… riotous immersive comedy’ ★★★★ The Stage

- ‘The script truly is a piece of genius, pushing the boundaries of an entirely believable set of circumstances with utterly farcical comedy.’★★★★★ BroadwayBaby, Edinburgh Fringe

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Will and Stacey kiss, Mother & Father of the Bride look on