Interactive Theatre International

Confetti & Chaos is written and produced by Interactive Theatre International (ITI), a professional theatre company founded in 1997. True to its name, ITI produces and promotes high quality interactive, site-specific and immersive comedy theatre that is performed around the world.

As concepts:

  • interactive theatre removes the boundaries normally associated with theatrical performance: the ‘fourth wall’ is removed (ie, performers are not limited to a traditional stage), and while some scripting is involved, a great deal of the performance is improvised, bouncing off ideas offered by the audience.

  • immersive theatre transports the audience from being spectators who watch a production passively, to actually experiencing what is happening around them. High quality immersive theatre elicits the response: "it was just like being there...". Audiences truly become involved, sometimes to the point of participating voluntarily.

  • site-specific theatre needs to occur in a specific space; for example, ‘The Wedding Reception’ is performed in any space where people could, conceivably, host a wedding reception – be that a restaurant, hotel, or arts centre.

Confetti & Chaos is joined on the ITI roster by: Faulty Towers The Dining Experience – ITI’s internationally acclaimed flagship show – plus new writing in Only Fools The (cushty) Dining Experience, Pamela’s Palace and children’s show Signor Baffo’s Restaurant.

Click through to the ITI website if you’d like to know more background.

Interactive Theatre International is a registered trademark of Imagination Workshop Pty Ltd.