Nerine Skinner

Marlene / Cassandra

Nerine grew up in East Grinstead and at 14 gained a place at The Brit School for Performing Arts, before studying Musical Theatre at The Arts Educational Schools in London. It was here that Nerine discovered her love of comedy and performing stand-up, before her acting career took her in other directions – pantomimes, devising wacky international immersive productions, working at sea for P&O, and dancing in Abu Dhabi. Her main focus now is comedy, and with Franks and Skinner she has devised and staged two 5-star shows, ‘Myself and Myself’, and ‘MindfulMess’, and has most recently been creating a comedy cabaret show called ‘The Dots’. Nerine has performed as Sybil Faulty since 2017, and also plays Stacey/Val and Lynn/Mel in Confetti & Chaos.