Sybil laughing
The world’s most sought-after tribute to the BBC’s Fawlty Towers

Welcome to our Glasgow residency!

Be part of the action as Basil, Sybil and Manuel serve up mayhem on a plate alongside a 3-course meal and two hours of non-stop laughter at Arta Hotel.

Celebrate the BBC's iconic show and experience it like never before... a West End theatre production and dining experience rolled into one, which promises a 'deliciously entertaining' night that you won't forget.

With over 70% of each performance improvised, this is the completely immersive and highly interactive comedy spectacular where anything can happen… and usually does!

Please note:
The show takes place downstairs.
Unfortunately there is no wheelchair access!

Longest running immersive experience on London West End
Outrageously funny
A smash hit… a hilariously bonkers affair
Edinburgh Evening News, Edinburgh Fringe
Longest running immersive experience on London West End
'Two straight hours of side-splitting laughter guaranteed.
Scottish Field