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Whether you’re an eager Edinburgh beaver
or a Covent Garden early bird,
you can claim £5 off the ticket price!

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Thursdays 23 and 30 July: two special London dates dates at Kingsway Hall Hotel in Covent Garden. The show will return to Kingsway after Edinburgh, but in the meantime take us up on this special rate for these special dates. You heard it here first.

Remember: this show had its world première at Brighton Fringe in May and it won 5* reviews across the board. Tickets at this price are limited to our newsletter subscribers and seats are limited too – so book now!


Danielle Briers as Val


Ben Hood as Ricky



11-23 August sees the show in Edinburgh at 2015’s B’est Fringe venue! Yes, it’s B’est Restaurant, v243 – the same site as for Faulty Towers The Dining Experience. Mayhem is definitely on the menu, along with a 3-course meal. Special diets will always be catered… special requests – well, as at any wedding reception, only sometimes!

Always on the cards, though, are long-lost rellies, new-found friends and laughs a-plenty over food, drink and dance. And don’t forget the mayhem!


PS... Kingston Welcomes Korea
30 July-8 August...

No borough in Britain, royal or otherwise, has thrown a party to welcome friends from overseas who have been brought to our shores on the tides of history… Kingston is the first, and its focus is Korea. The reason? Kingston has the largest Korean community in Europe and it makes up 10% of the borough’s population. Rose Theatre Kingston is celebrating that fact with a special programme of theatre, dance, art, discussions and music. There’s something for everyone in this international festival!


The Wedding Reception

Join the party.